About Us

UDSSA is a unique group of companies that offers many products and services to individual homeowners and contractors. We are a turn-key solution that offers various packages from strategy to design, technical solutions, and execution. Since 2019 our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand our service range with the same dedication and quality in mind. Find out more about our doors, solar options, and construction services. 

Meet The Team

Our group of passionate individuals.


Nico Louw

Operations Director

Tobias Lombard

Our Services

We can make your dreams a reality by offering the following services. 

We offer a complete range on all major building products from the highest quality. We offer anything from garage doors, side doors, interior doors, industrial doors, doors for construction projects, and operators in a quality without compromise. 

Turn-key Solar Energy Supply Packages

  • Outright Purchase
  • Rent to Own
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)                                      

We offer a various range of services including civil construction, steel construction, building works, renovations, restorations, road construction, transport and logistics. 

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